GONGORI is a visually musical artistic concept, created in 2019 by Gonçalo Alegre, to express a deep desire for artistic emancipation and self-sustainability.

As such, Gonçalo defies himself to create and develop a solo album to which he composes, writes, plays, sings, directs, acts, and produces. Subsequently, GONGORI symbolises, apart from Nuxo’s production, a product purely made from Gonçalo’s skills as a creator, performer, and general producer.

VAZIO, GONGORI’s first project, and this album’s subject arise from a brainstorm with Pedro Branco, in which the origin and existence of a living being are put into question, hence creating the premise for this project:

“to create is simply to be…

in the emptiness of the whole

in the wholeness of nothing

to dream is to be whole

… is to be empty”

As a visual and musical concept, the author establishes that the debut album ought to be launched as a short film that appeals to the aesthetic, expressive and musical sense of the premise that defines VAZIO.

This project, which has António Sanganha writing the film’s script, also takes on the will to acquire new bonds, to strengthen new professional relationships and to develop new ways of expression, thus contributing to a creative ecosystem, fundamental for the associated artists.

Taking into account Gonçalo Alegre’s musical know-how, one recognizes that his artistic concept manifests beyond the qualities that he embodies. He aims to approach and develop a range of subjects through a strongly visual musical expression, which grants it a blended yet highly transmutable character, along with an immense expressive potential. It is this dynamism that hence allows GONGORI to be not just a project, but a living, independent and exciting concept.