Focused on the backstage of VAZIO’s conception – GONGORI’s debut album -, this documentary by Marco Alexandre aims to unveil Gonçalo Alegre’s creative process. 

Through a deconstruction of the concept that supports this project, one may enjoy the creation and recording of excerpts from the themes that complement the artist-creator’s storytelling and his perspective on the importance of the mistake in the development of a project, the culture of music, its setting in Viseu, and the experience of his new voyage as GONGORI.

Duration: 22’’


Director : Marco Alexandre

Producer : Gonçalo Alegre

Editor : Marco Alexandre

Colourist : Marco Alexandre

Camera Operator : Marco Alexandre

Narrator : Gonçalo Alegre

Music by : GONGORI

Support : Município de Viseu

Funding : Viseu Cultura

Institutional Support : República Portuguesa | Cultura

Production Support : Carmo’81

Distribution : Querelle Films