This short film arises as an aesthetic manifestation of GONGORI’s debut album, based on the premise

to create is to be… in the emptiness of the whole, in the wholeness of nothing, to dream is to be whole… is to be empty.

VAZIO, therefore, sparks a reflection on the origin of a being’s creation and existence, through a storyline structured in five sections and imagined for five performers: the Creator and the empty; Tuniya and the above; Luziana and the rivers; Ala & Alote and the light, creativity and logic; the Creator and the whole. 

As such, GONGORI teases the spectators’ gaze with an artistic blend of music, theatre and dance, inviting them into a sensory journey through time and space, through sound and imagery.


Directed and Produced by : Gonçalo Alegre

Written by : António Sanganha

Director of Photography : Ramon Freitas

Light Designer : Cristóvão Cunha

Assistant Director : Marcela Fernandes


Ala – Eduardo Correia

Alote – Paulo Duarte 

Luziana – Matilde Barbas

Tuniya – Sandra Barreto 

Artistic Directors : Marcela Fernandes and  Matilde Barbas

Assistant Light Designer : João Rodrigues

Set Operator : António Quaresma

Assistant Set Operator : Paulo Matos

Assistant Set Operator : Nelson Almeida

Assistant Set Operator : Carlos Fernandes

Assistant Producer : Ramon Freitas

Assistant Technician : José Marques

Camera Operator : Ramon Freitas

Wardrobe Supervisors : Gonçalo Alegre and Sandra Barreto

Tailor : Custódio Gonçalves 

Seamstress : Emília Gonçalves

Makeup Artist : Marcela Fernandes 

Assistant Makeup Artist : Sandra Barreto

Caterer : Maria Madalena

Assistant Caterer : João Santos Gonçalves

Set Designer : Gonçalo Alegre and Vitor Maia

Locksmith : Daniel Oliveira

Choreographer : Matilde Barbas

Editor : Ramon Freitas 

Edit Designers : Matilde Barbas and Gonçalo Alegre

Colourists : Vítor Ferreira and Ramon Freitas

Visual Effects by : Vítor Ferreira and Ramon Freitas

Sound Designer : Gonçalo Alegre

Design : DPX

Music by : GONGORI

Mix and Master by : Nuxo Espinheira

Support : Município de Viseu

Funding : Viseu Cultura

Institutional Support : República Portuguesa | Cultura

Production Support :

Teatro Viriato

Quinta da Comenda

Montebelo Viseu


Escola de Dança Lugar Presente

Condado de Beirós


Teatro Regional da Serra do Montemuro

Distribution : Querelle Films